We’ve updated our website in order to improve customer experience.

Everything around us is evolving and we thought – let’s say good bye to our long serving, beloved website. Obviously, we didn’t shut it down we have a new look with new features and services. The new features will aim to improve customer experience.

In this article I have outlined all the major changes and how they will help both Sober Cabs and our customers.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Customer Accounts

Now booking our service is as easy as click of a button.

We have had numerous customers who booked our services on multiple occasions. Each time, we would request their details – make a booking and repeat. There was a need to improve user experience thus introducing My Accounts.

My Accounts securely saves all your personal information. So next time when you book, you will only need to click a button.

My Accounts will allow customers to view their past bookings, payment information and download invoices at any time.

To learn all my about My Account see our help centre section on My Account.

Speaking of which we’ve now introduced Help Centre.

The help centre will aim to answer most frequently asked questions and it also allows Sober Cabs to explain everything in detail.

It covers all topics such as My Account, Booking, Customer Support Questions, Corporate Services, Driver Partners and it is not there send us an email.

Go and explore our Help centre.

Hire a (Super) Driver Service

We love driving so much that we want to do it everyday not just (mostly) weekends. Therefore, we are trialing Hire a Driver Service in the region. This service aims to provide drivers (and vehicles if needed) to customers.

Whether you want to give your guests a warm Waikato welcome at the airport or have a personal or business event, our super drivers can accommodate almost any request.

To book a super driver (and a vehicle) contact our team with the details and we will get back to you. Read more on our hire a driver page.

For Business

Our goal is to put an end to New Zealand’s infamous drunk-driving culture. Therefore, we are now partnering with anyone whose clients need a safe ride. ‘For Business‘ section is dedicated to providing information about partnering up with Sober Cabs.

If you are a business then head over to our ‘For Business‘ section and see how we can help you help us, make our roads safe.

Updated our terms and conditions

We also updated our terms and conditions please read here.

Improved Booking System (delayed due to technical reasons)

We have been working hard to provide better customer experience and online booking system was a major addition to it. The new booking system allows customers to easily get an instant quote and booking in a matter of couple of clicks.

The new booking system not only improves customer experience but also automates a range of tasks for our team. Instead calling us you can almost do anything on the online booking system now. Including, add stops, it calculates the exact price if you are booking outside our drivers’ base station and many more. Head over to our booking page and experience it yourself.

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