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If you genuinely care for people’s safety you will love being dial a driver (and also make some extra cash every week).
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The drivers are paid per KM as per our pricing page. The earning is then divided into two. Where 48% goes to the main driver, 52% goes to the chase driver. On completion of a job each driver gets $7.50. There is a minimum pay of $50 per job.

Dial a driver is when we drive our clients car back to their home when they are unable to drive. A job requires two drivers. The main driver (must have P endorsement and drivers ID card) drives the client’s car. The chase driver picks up the main driver when they have dropped them and their car home.

The main driver must have a P endorsement, a driver ID card, must provide a MoJ background check and must be legally allowed to work in New Zealand (Work visa/Permanent Resident/Citizen). Proof will be required. All drivers are required to maintain a NZTA approved log book.

The chase driver must have full drivers license (or an equivalent foreign license that legally allows them to drive in NZ), an MoJ background check, a reliable NZ road worthy vehicle (Warrant of Fitness, Registration, At least third party insurance). Certificate of Fitness (CoF) is not required as the chase driver will not be carrying passengers. No model/year/make requirement.

When providing both drivers, all of the above requirements for both drivers and vehicle applies. However, the payments will be to one nominated person.

If Sober Cabs is not operating in your area and you would like to start. Please fill the form above and we will be in touch to discuss.

Anyone, a couple, two friends, two strangers, as long as you meet the requirements.

Most of the vehicles are automatic these days anyway. However, for you this means the jobs with manual transmission vehicles will not be assigned to you.

We do get a few jobs during the week, which are usually from medical centres during the day. We also get calls at week nights as there is always something going on. However, weekends are the busiest time for us.

No, you will work as an independent contractor. We define an independent contractor as an individual or company who will provide dial a driver services to our clients under Sober Cabs’ name. However, not a direct employee of Sober Cabs. You will be responsible for everything just like a Sole Trader or Company.

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If you have any questions about the services, how this works or if you need any help we are to help. Schedule a callback or contact us and we will get back to you to further discuss becoming dial a driver.

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