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By hiring our (Helpers NZ Limited trading as Sober Cabs hereafter referred to as Sober Cabs, us, we, our) services you (the customer) agree to our terms of services. So please make sure you read this very carefully.

We believe in excellent customer service and satisfaction therefore all our drivers follow a strict code of conduct to make sure you and your vehicle arrive at the destination safe and sound. Should you have any complaints about your driver please do not hesitate to contact us.


We will make sure that you and your vehicle arrives home safe and sound. All the drivers are vetted when they apply for their passenger endorsement license. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

It is customer’s responsibility to have a tidy, safe to drive, with valid WOF/COF, valid rego and full insurance cover.

Our drivers may refuse to take a job upon arrival if they feel the vehicle is unsafe to drive or if they receive any abuse or threats. At the end of the day, we would like both our drivers and passengers arrive home safe and sound.

We are a fully licensed business and all our drivers who drive customer vehicles have Passenger endorsement.


We currently offer services to Waikato region ONLY. All the jobs must have either the pick up or destination as Hamilton otherwise we may not be able to do the job.

We do accept jobs outside Hamilton and Waikato however that requires advance booking and a chat with us as extra charges may apply. When it comes to jobs where pick or destination is not Hamilton we also charge for our travel back to Hamilton from pick up address or destination (whichever is closer to Hamilton) minus the booking and time fee. Our standard fee applies here which is $3 per KM as of Nov 2018.


Our working hours can be found on the contact page. Here we will explain how the hours work. During week days, for instance, our hours are 3:00 – 12:00. If we get a job at 11:00 PM and our drivers are home by 12:00 we are happy with it. However, if we get a call at 11:00 PM and we calculate the distance and time and see that our drivers won’t be home by 12:00 so we may refuse to take that job.

A job means the total time spent and distance traveled by our drivers. To clarify this, if we get a job from Hamilton to Cambridge which is usually around 30 minutes drive the job is not a 30 minute job. A job will include our travel from our bases (usually our homes and remember we can not have drivers 24/7 on standby) to client’s pickup location, travel to their destination and our travel back to our bases. So in this case we are looking at 15 minutes to pick up location, 30 minutes to destination and 45 minutes back to our bases. So a job to Cambridge will take us 90 minutes to complete. 

We are available during our operating hours however advance booking/notice is required, otherwise we may not accept the job.


When booking online, the quickest route is automatically chosen and sometimes the quickest route is not the shortest. The booking system speculates the traffic using Google Traffic in the back-end and chooses the quickest route at the time of checking the price. Therefore you may see different prices when checking the price at different times and you will be charged as per the chosen route by the booking system.

All online bookings require at least 24 hours notice (the booking system will automatically adjust the time 24 hours ahead of the current time). We may not be able to accept a booking if we do not get enough notice. 


When booking online we accept all major credit and debit cards. Your card is charged only once we have confirmed the booking. Eftpos is available. We do accept cash and receipts can be provided on request.

If you are booking a driver all fees must be paid in advance over the phone. We DO NOT send drivers outside Hamilton area if customer doesn’t authorise a payment using a debit/credit card when booking over the phone.

A minimum fee of $50 applies on all bookings regardless of the distance. All prices are calculate based on distance and time. You total cost will be Booking Fee ($15) + Distance ($3 Per Km) + Time (currently $0.00 per minute) = you total cost.

When paying cash, if our drivers don’t have exact change, the amount will be rounded up to five dollars.

If you are a company and require a one-off or regular driver services we can setup an account and invoice the company.

We accept direct credit to our bank account however your booking will only be confirmed once we have received the payment which can, depending on you bank, take couple of days.

We are not collecting GST.

We reserve the rights to contact a debt collection agency if a customer is not willing to pay after sufficient number of reminders.

We do not hold any credit card information either physically or electronically and Stripe (our payment processor) comply with all merchant service standards. For more information click here.


We understand that customer’s plan change and we understand if they would like to cancel the booking. We can cancel the booking at anytime however cancellation fees may apply as we allocate drivers for each job and regardless the driver needs to paid. All refunds are applied to source of the payment and refunds can take up to 30 days to show up on your account.

Wrong booking 5% of total
12+ HOURS 5% of total
6+ HOURS 10% of Total
2+ HOURS 20% of Total (100% if pickup is outside Hamilton)
LESS THAN 2 HOURS 50% of Total (100% if pick up is outside Hamilton)


Sober Cabs will endeavor to give great value to customers. Therefore, we proudly offer the following services free of charge.

  1. Drop a friend – If you have a friend that needs to be dropped on your way to home? Just let us know when booking. It should not be a problem, as long as the we don’t have take a longer route and it is not going to cause delays. There will be charges otherwise. 
  2. Drive throughs – We can always have one free drive through. However, if the drive through is going to cause major delays then, at our driver’s discretion, there maybe extra charge.
  3. Cheaper than taxi – We will be cheaper if you are traveling from outside Hamilton, let’s say Cambridge. A taxi will cost about $180 to come to Hamilton and go back to Cambridge (two way taxi) where if you drive to Hamilton our service will average cost around $95 to take you back home in your own car. Our cost varies depending on the distance traveled. Please check the exact price on our booking page


All calls, inbound to our 0800 number, are recorded for dispute resolution purposes.

We require customer details (for billing purposes), full pick up and destination addresses in order to calculate the prices (as our prices are based on per KM).


Sober Cabs can change this terms at anytime and customers will be notified by updating this page.

Last updated: 25/11/2018