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Sober Cabs’ core belief is that no one deserves to witness the sorrows of seeing their whānau get hurt because of one person who decides to get behind the wheels while intoxicated. Therefore, we are on a mission to keep the Kiwi families safe and happy, by providing reliable sober driver service. We also invite the community to join us to raise the awareness and encourage friends and family to stop drink driving by taking one simple step, be prepared. If drinking, call a cab, crash on the couch, or find a sober driver. A drunk driver doesn’t put a life in danger but lives of many around them. Stopping a friend from hurting others only takes a moment. Don’t let your friend drive when drunk.

about sober cabs

you can avoid huge loss by taking one simple step.

be prepared.

Not sure? If you need a dial a driver?

If you seek genuine advice or need help, contact our friendly team. Our purpose is to make sure everyone gets home safe & sound regardless of the service they use.

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