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We help local restaurants, bars and social clubs by taking complete responsibility of both promotions and service provision.
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another reason


There would few businesses that wouldn’t want their customers to return. If you are not one of them then you are on the right page. Sober Cabs provides businesses with opportunity to give their customers another reason to return. Sober Cabs provides a reliable dial a driver services to restaurant, bars and social clubs’ customers. A reliable service assures customers that they don’t have to worry about getting them and their car back home.


Sober Cabs will provide white label anti drink-driving promotions specific to your business. This will tell your customers you are serious about people’s safety and are working on keeping roads safe for everyone.

service provision

When your customers call us – or book online, we will dispatch two drivers to do the job. When the job is completed customers can pay with their preferred payment method, Eftpos, Credit/Debit, or Cash.

dial a driver


If you are in the hospitality business or any business that serves alcohol then yes your business needs it. We will help you help us reduce the number of accidents and make our roads safe.

how can we?

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screened drivers

Fully licensed and police vetted professional drivers. Customer safety is the top priority.

Customer service

Your business will experience the best customer service in the world while working with us.

worry free

We will take care of everything for your business from promotions to service provision.


Our purpose is to put an end to drunk-driving culture by providing a reliable service. Therefore, we will take full responsibility of everything. Just send your details through and we will get back to you ASAP



Absolutely not. We will deliver our best and if doesn’t work out for your business you can just tell us pack everything and leave.

Absolutely nothing. Sober Cabs will take the full responsibility. 

Absolutely not. We don’t charge businesses for anything.

Great and we would love to answer them. Please reach out via email

why work with us?

We use dial a driver often to comeback home from Hamilton and our usual company buzz a driver has shut down these guys told me. Our new driver was a very decent man with good driving skills and didn't mind the drop off on Kaipaki road. Overall experience was very good and I am happy to recommend this service.
What an awesome service and excellent driver. We had a great night and the drive back home was even more fun and very interesting with our sober driver. Totally worth the money which I thought was a lot but turned out its cheap. I will book your service again soon and I strongly recommend these guys to everyone. Cheers
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