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We are Hamilton’s favorite sober drivers. Getting everyone home day and night, with no complaints.
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Alcohol affects you in a way that clouds your judgment, depth of perception as well as essential motor skills required to drive safely. It’s easy to think you are driving normally when truly you are not. We make to possible for you to drink, enjoy and get back home safe in the comfort of your own car, without risking any lives. Without any doubts, we can get you and your car home safe & sound. Contact our friendly team now to check availability.

How it works

When you book a sober driver, you get two fully licensed and vetted drivers. They will meet you at the pick up location where one driver will drive your car and chase vehicle will pick up our driver when you have arrived home safely.

awesome prices

We beat the taxi and Uber prices. Calculate that two way taxi fare, yes, we will be cheaper. We also guarantee a good night (morning) sleep as you won’t worry about getting your car back the next day (probably get a taxi or Uber). Get a free online price estimate now.

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guaranteed driver

When you book you are guaranteed a driver, anytime anywhere. When you book we guarantee that you will not be worrying about getting back. Book online or reach out to our team now.

100% guarantee.

When a booking is confirmed, you will get a driver. Otherwise, in a very unlikely case, 100% refund and your next ride is on us.

Waikato wide

Our dial a driver Hamilton team can travel anywhere within Waikato region.

save money

Calculate that two way taxi or Uber. We definitely beat the price there.


We guarantee everything, from drivers to driving skills and from payments to safety.


We value both our and the clients time so expect us on time, every time.

reliable, safe & pros

Whether you’re looking for a sober driver to drive you to and from the pub or party safely or just need a safe ride home after a few drinks at work, our sober driver Hamilton team promises a safe ride back home.

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corporate dial a driver

plan it with us

Whether an after work drinks or pub hopping, we will have someone ready to take you and your vehicle home once all the fun has come to an end. Plan ahead and we’ll be waiting for you when you are ready to leave.


Yes. We can only guarantee you a driver if you have booked.

Sure you can and there will be absolutely no extra charge as long as we have been informed and the drop off is on our way (or maybe slightly off road). There will be a charge if the drop off is going to cause a delay or we have to take a longer route to destination.

You can book online or ring our friendly team to make a booking over the phone. Please note that all bookings require a payment authorisation via the online booking system or over the phone. We cannot book you in unless the payment has been authorised. 

When booking online or over the phone we accept Visa, Master and AMEX debit and credit cards without any surcharges. If you are planning to book at least 5 days in advance then we will accept a direct credit to our bank account.

Our drivers drive to make a living and they can drive any make/model without any issues.

Yes, you can cancel your booking at anytime however there will be a cancellation fee.

people love us!

We use dial a driver often to comeback home from Hamilton and our usual company buzz a driver has shut down these guys told me. Our new driver was a very decent man with good driving skills and didn't mind the drop off on Kaipaki road. Overall experience was very good and I am happy to recommend this service.
What an awesome service and excellent driver. We had a great night and the drive back home was even more fun and very interesting with our sober driver. Totally worth the money which I thought was a lot but turned out its cheap. I will book your service again soon and I strongly recommend these guys to everyone. Cheers

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