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We’ve Updated our Business Hours (Added few extra hours now)

We, at Sober Cabs, aim to provide the best dial a driver services to our valued clients. Therefore our team has decided to extend the hours so that we are available for more and more clients. This comes because we have had requests from numerous customers requesting jobs during the hours that we were unavailable. We fully understand, this also comes with extra responsibility therefore we have dedicated drivers who will be available during the new hours for anyone needing our service.

Please note, we can only guarantee a driver if you book in advance. So if you are planning a night (or day) out please Book now.

Below is our new hours (and the old hours)


08:00 AM – MIDNIGHT (MON – FRI)03:00 PM – 12:00 AM MONDAY – THURSDAY


  • We can not guarantee a driver if prior bookings are not made.
  • We are available during Sunday evenings however advance booking is required.
  • We do not strictly follow the above hours and are flexible depending on prior bookings. So reach out if you have any questions.


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About the author

Raza Khadim

Raza Khadim

I own and manage Sober Cabs. I am also one of the drivers. One life lost is too many therefore Sober Cabs is out to make our roads safe and communities safer.

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