Facebook Promo (August 2018) – This promotion has now ended.

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How to enter the draw?

To enter the draw

  1. Like our Facebook page (must)
  2. and Share the post (must)
  3. Tag a friend (optional)
  4. Comment on the post (optional)
  5. Like the post (optional)

How much is this worth?

For this, we normally charge $50.

How is the winner chosen?

We will choose a name randomly using an online random picker. The whole process will be recorded for transparency and can be shared with those who would like to know how the whole thing was done.

When will be the name chosen?

The winner will be announced on 30 August 2018.

How will be the winner notified?

The winner will be notified via their facebook.

How can I increase my chances to win this?

There is a way to increase the chances of you winning. If you do everything two or more times (except for liking our facebook page – you can only like it once and commenting – we don’t want you to spam the post) you will have your name twice in the list which will increase your chances of winning.

How would we know if you have done the things we’ve asked?

We will know, as page admins we become all seeing and knowing when it comes to page likes, post likes, comments and shares.

What are the Terms and Conditions?

Good question. We do have terms and conditions.

  1. The winner will get ONE free dial a driver service within Hamilton. (If you are not Hamilton, you can always gift a friend who will need in Hamilton so don’t be shy, like and share)
  2. The winner will receive a code which will be valid for 12 months from time of issuance.
  3. The code can not be used with any other promotions.
  4. The code can not be exchanged for money or for service outside Hamilton.
  5. The code can only be used for online booking.
  6. The draw will only go ahead if we have at least 50 participants. If it is lesser we may not proceed with the draw and cancel the promo. Therefore, the more you share the better the chances.
  7. We reserve all the rights to cancel the promo without any prior notice. However, if the promo ends and a winner is chosen we will make sure we deliver the service.
  8. The booking must be done in advance.
  9. Your name can only be entered twice in the draw regardless of how many times your share, like, comment.
  10. By entering this draw you agree to let us publish your name (and a photo if you agree to this one) on our social media profiles.
  11. You can not sale or trade this code.
  12. All of the terms and conditions apply as long as the company is in business. For some reason if we close this business and you have not redeemed the code we will not be obliged to provide any service or compensation. Just FYI, we do have long term business plan 😉
  13. This terms and conditions may be updated further however, you will be notified via the same facebook post.

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