Why was my booking cancelled?

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We do our best to provide service to each and every customer of ours however, occassionally, we do cancel bookings. We do provide a legit reason for cancellation and below are some of the reasons.

No drivers #

We do not have tens of drivers on call 24/7. We have limited number of drivers, depending on the time of the year, the numbers fluctuate. Therefore, when all our drivers are booked we will cancel the booking and notify the customer.

Safety #

When there is a safety concern both for our drivers and customers, we cancel the booking and notify customers.

Errors #

Nobody is perfect, even computers. Therefore, when a booking is created because of either human or computer error (website) and we are unable to complete the job we cancel the booking.

Our cancellation rate is very low and whenever there is limited spots available we do let our customers know to avoid inconvenience.

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