How to register a complaint?

Sober Cabs aims to provide an excellent service and that includes dealing with customer complaints fairly. We have setup a formal complaint page on our website that will ask you the details of the incident. When you submit a complaint our team will assess and make a fair decision. If you are not happy with the decision, you can raise the matter with New Zealand Transport Agency.

Here is step by step instruction on how to register a complaint.

  1. Go to our Complaint Page.
  2. Enter your details. All the personal information requested in the form is required by NZTA.
  3. Provide complaint information
  4. Choose the service you used
  5. The date of the incident
  6. Details of the driver you dealt with.
  7. Provide as much information as you can to better understand the matter.

When submitted our team will be touch as soon as possible. The page also answers frequently asked questions.

help us make our roads safe

we will keep you posted, ask for your input and work together

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